Modern Benefits Create Healthy, Happy Workplaces

New! Mental Health on Demand is Here!

We are the employee benefits consultant for modern-day workplaces.

Traditional employee benefits have not evolved to support the needs of our modern workforce. We’re changing this! We build and deliver customized and flexible group benefit plans to support employees’ mental and physical health.

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Get more than just traditional benefits and reduce your costs with our technology
Add in healthcare to improve employees’ mental and physical well-being
Healthy, Happy Employees and Workplaces

Why you Need a Flexible Benefits Provider

No two businesses are the same, so when it comes to group benefits for small business, a cookie-cutter plan doesn’t cut it.

We build flexible and unique employee benefits plans for small and medium-sized business, non-profits and organizations of almost every size. Whether you are a business with 5 or 1000 employees, we provide the most cost-effective and personalized employee benefit packages available.

How to Reduce the Cost Of Your Benefits…

The world has changed and the traditional way of delivering benefits has too. Our technology will reduce the cost of your employee benefits plan without sacrificing quality. In fact, many clients take the money they save and improve their benefits plan with additional options to support employees’ mental well-being.

We deliver:

  • Core Benefit Coverage for Small and Medium Businesses
    This covers traditional options like dental, vision and drug plans.
  • No-Waste Benefits Model
    Concerned about the cost of your benefit plan? Reduce all waste in your existing benefit plan with our No-Waste option (also called self-insurance or Admin Services Only).
  • Health and Wellness Spending Accounts
    Flexible HSA and WSA’s provide the ultimate flexibility for your employees.
  • Tech-Saavy Options
    Get healthcare delivered digitally using our Telemedicine or Timber Healthcare Network.




Mental Health on Demand

Timber’s exclusive Mental Health on Demand EFAP provides a modern and helpful therapy experience for your staff and their families. Perks include $90 therapy sessions, free access to hundreds of therapists with diverse specialties, 24/7 clinician available on demand and more.
If you are an employer who believes that mental health matters, you’re going to want to learn more about this innovative platform.

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Need Flexibility for Your Small or Medium-Sized Business Benefits?

Do you:

  • Want more cost-effective benefits?
  • Recognize the importance of mental health for your employees?
  • Want fewer sick days and a healthier, more productive workplace?
  • Want better benefits that are easy to manage using technology?

Then Timber Benefits might be a really good fit.

Re-imagine Your Employee Benefits

Traditional employee benefit plans help people when they get sick.  While there is always a place for core traditional benefits, we believe a customized employee benefit plan can improve your workplace.

A well-rounded plan:

  • Improves the mental health of staff
  • Helps employees feel valued
  • Makes it easier to retain great employees
  • Improves the health of your team and increases their productivity

Timber is more than just a benefits broker, we use employee benefits to improve your work culture.

How We Create Healthy, Happy Employees and Workplaces

Today’s staff are looking are looking for more from their employers. They want access to flexible and unique benefit options to support their busy, active lifestyles.

  • We offer tools to support both your staff’s physical AND mental health
  • We provide flexibility and selection for staff to choose and use the benefits that are important to them
  • We give plan administrators all the technology they need to easily manage their benefits plans


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