A Benefits Concierge for Small or Big Business

We’ve got three goals; to deliver smart advice, amazing service and wrap-around benefits that make a positive impact in your employees’ lives.

Our job is to help your small or large business achieve greatness. We’re here to help improve one of the greatest assets you have as a company: your workplace culture!

Timber 101: How We Work

  1. Get to Know Each Other
    We need to know your team and your business. We’ll ask you about your office culture, who your staff are, what you want to achieve and your budget. We can also survey your staff to find out what types of benefits they want to have or place value in.
  1. Build A Custom Toolkit of Benefit Products
    This is our secret sauce! We have access to a huge range of benefit products. From your tried-and-tested core drug, vision and dental coverage to creative benefit options that will make you stand out, we’ll build a custom benefits package for you and your team. 
  1. Benefits Roll-Out
    Once you’re happy with your new benefits package, we’ll take the steps needed to educate your team and get everyone comfortable and excited about their new benefits plan. We’ll meet with them to launch the new plan at a staff presentation. 
  1. Ongoing Benefits Management
    We carefully monitor your plan to see how your employees are using their benefits. Are there opportunities to create a healthier culture through education or connection to healthcare professionals? We’ll make recommendations and implement strategies to create a healthier workplace and a culture of wellness.


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How We Keep Benefits Cost Effective

  1. Cost Control
    Employee benefits is an important line-item in your operational budget. We know how to create efficiencies that result in no lost coverage for your staff. In fact, we can make your benefits work harder and do more for your employees.
    Curious? Reach out to us for a no-obligation audit of your current benefits plan.
  2. Technology Delivers Convenience
    Tech-saavy employees and plan administrators rejoice, we’ve got you covered. We offer modern-day benefits that don’t need a fax machine to be administered.
  3. Ongoing Review
    We’ll also review your plan frequently to see if there are any opportunities to create cost savings for your company.

Did You Know?

We’ve got benefit options that will actually REFUND unused healthcare premiums to employers. We care about making sure your benefits investment is used as efficiently as possible.

Digital Plan Management

You’re going to love how easy it is to manage and administer your employee benefit plan.

Everything you need to manage your employees is at your fingertips, or in this case, your keyboard.


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