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The construction, oil and gas and seasonal-worker industry have unique needs when it comes to employee benefits. For too long, these industries have had little choice when looking for a cost-effective and flexible benefit plan for their seasonal employees.

What is an Hour Bank Benefits Plan?
An hour bank benefits plan provides continuous benefit coverage to employees who work in the construction, oil and gas, or other seasonal work sectors.

This allows employees to ‘bank’ or accrue hours when they are working on projects, and then apply saved hours to continue their benefits coverage if they are in a lay-off period.

What Industries Need Hour Bank Benefit Plans?

  • Construction
  • Oil and Gas
  • Seasonal or Temporary Lay-off Industries
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Why Pick Timber for your Hour Bank Benefit Plan?

Timber Benefits Hour Bank Plans are extremely competitive:

Get the Advantage with Timber Hour Bank Benefit Plans
Affordable Benefits for Seasonal WorkersOur hour bank plans are on average 25% more cost effective than our main competitor. Receive a refund cheque for any excess premiums paid into your hour bank plan that are not used to pay claims.
TransparencyReceive full financial details including detailed claim reports, employee useage and admin fees for claims so you understand what your plan costs.
Full Plan FlexibilityEnjoy total flexibility in the type of benefits you offer, and amounts for coverage. Make it easier to attract and retain high-quality employees and stand out in your industry.
Risk ManagementReceive advice on how to mitigate your risk. Plans include strategies to deal with disability claims, high-cost drugs, and more.
Employee CommunicationTimber supports internal communications with employee surveys, custom benefit summary videos, in-person or virtual benefit sessions and more.

Build Your Own Flexible Benefits Plan and Pick From:

  • Life, AD&D and Disability Insurance
  • Extended Healthcare, Drug and Dental
  • Wellness Benefits
  • Mental Health on Demand (A Modern And Effective Employee Family Assistance Plan)
  • Healthcare Navigation
  • Executive Benefits
  • Virtual Doctor’s Visits
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Out of Country Travel
  • Support for Substance Issues
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