We think it's time for benefits to evolve.


Affordable, Essential Group Health Benefits

Does this sound familiar?

A 28-year old employee asks whether their benefits will help pay for a membership at the new workout club across the street. Their drug benefits card is currently collecting dust in the bottom of their desk.

Timber Benefits believes that employee benefits should be used to keep staff and their families healthy, not just help them when they get sick.

We are re-imagining employee benefits by delivering proactive wellness plans to help Canadians improve their mental and physical well-being.

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What are Health and Wellness Benefits?

Health and wellness benefits go beyond the basic drug, dental and visioncare provided by most employers. They supplement core employee benefits to provide staff with support they need to lead a healthier life.

Health and wellness benefits improve your staff’s physical AND mental well-being.

Why should I offer a Health Spending Account (HSA) or Wellness Spending Account (WSA)?  

HSA or WSA’s help your staff access qualified healthcare providers and support their overall health and well-being. It gives employers the chance to top up certain benefits, like access to counselling or psychology professionals, or other areas that you know your staff need.

In addition to showing that you, as an employer, care about your staff’s well-being, studies have shown that healthy workplaces are more productive and better for business.

Our group health and wellness benefits go beyond spending accounts..

Improve Mental Health In Your Workplace.

Our Health and Wellness Benefits:

  1. Advica Health
    Get wrap-around healthcare services to make accessing healthcare easy and effective. Use Advica for:

    • Nurse Navigation – Navigate our public healthcare system with the personalized 1:1 support from a nurse navigator.
    • Medical Second Opinion – Get access to leading doctors and specialists from around the world.
    • Mental Health Navigator – Access virtual mental health experts for medication review and/or treatment planning
  1. Maple Virtual Healthcare

    Receive healthcare anywhere, anytime without having to visit a walk-in clinic or doctor’s office. Maple provides virtual medical appointments, available on-demand from your phone or computer. Use Maple for:

    • Unlimited primary healthcare support
    • Medical diagnosis’
    • Prescriptions
    • Lab requisitions
    • Specialist referrals (when medically necessary)
  2. Wellness Spending Accounts (Also called WSA or Lifestyle Spending Accounts)
    WSA’s are taxable spending accounts that can be used towards almost anything related to wellness. They can used on things like purchasing a ski pass, buying a bike, paying for a gym membership, purchasing vitamins or supplements. Our WSA’s are easy to administer using our online and app-based digital tool.
  3. Health Spending Accounts (HSA’s)
    HSA accounts are tax deductible, meaning employees do not have to pay tax on their fund. HSA’s cover items classified as ‘medical’ expenses by the Canadian Revenue Agency.
    This includes items like wheelchairs, wigs, hearing aids, kidney machines and more.Many of these items require a prescription, visit the CRA for the full list and details.
  4. Employee Travel Savings Plan
    Want to be a rockstar employer? Help your staff travel more with our Employee Travel Savings Plan. It will help them save for their next holiday, and make you stand out as a leading employer.
    See more info below.
  5. Timber Digital Health Providers Network
    The Timber Digital Health Providers Network connects our employees with healthcare practitioners digitally. Your employees can use their benefits to pay for and meet these healthcare professionals in a safe, online space.
    Our network improves access for your employees and their families. It’s also helpful for many of our clients who live in smaller centers, as some of these services can be difficult to find.We connect specialists in:

    • Psychology
    • Nutrition
    • Physiotherapy
    • Personal Trainers
    • Massage
    • Pharmacist
    • Naturopathic Medicine

    Meet our Timber Team for more info.

  6. Executive Wellness Programs 
    Leaders make or break your office culture – we can help support them too with additional customized benefits.

Don’t forget.. we’ve offer a bunch of health and wellness resources to help you support your staff’s mental and physical health.

Employee Travel Savings Plan

Our Employee Travel Savings Plan help staff save for their next holiday.

Employers reward staff by matching or topping-up the contributions they make towards their next vacation. They can also choose to provide travel money as a bonus for job performance.

Employees take their travel savings and apply them towards the cost of their next vacation. Employees submit receipts and are reimbursed for:

  • Hotels or accommodation
  • Meals
  • Airfare
  • Gas
  • Attractions

Why should you consider an employee travel savings plan?

The obvious answer is it helps you stand out in your recruitment and retention efforts as a leading employer.

But there are other benefits you might not have considered:

  1. Encourage a healthy work/life balance for your staff and lower your risk of staff burnout
  2. Show your employees that their contributions are valued, that vacations are an important opportunity to experience something new, to rest and reset.
  3. Create a high performing culture by incentivizing and rewarding performance
  4. Encourage your staff to take time off, reduce your liability for unpaid vacation time owed to employees
  5. Stand out in your recruitment efforts as a leading employer

“Travel is one of the key reasons millennials work. 70% say that aside from basic living expenses, they see their jobs mainly as a means to pay for personal travel.”
– First EVENT & PWC

How do you retain and motivate millennial employees? Help them pay for vacations.
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