Mental Health on Demand A Modern and Effective EFAP For Your Employees


Mental Health on Demand™ 

A modern-day EFAP that is affordable and easy-to-use.

Life is challenging enough; finding affordable and accessible mental health support should NOT be an extra burden for your employees.

Timber is proud to partner with Advica Health and launch MHOD+™, a 24/7 virtual program that provides effective mental health support for your teams.

MHOD+™ provides easy and affordable mental health support for employees: 

  • On-demand and unlimited free calls with a mental health clinician (24/7/365)
  • Unlimited virtual therapy appointments at only $90/session (which existing benefit coverage can pay for)
  • Free one-hour session with a chosen therapist
  • Online CBT Program for Anxiety and Depression
  • Matching questionnaire to help find the right therapist
  • Access to multi-disciplinary therapists with unique specialties in language, religion, LGBTQ2S+, trauma-informed, BIPOC, etc.

Learn How Mental Health on Demand Works

How far does your mental health coverage go?

Most benefit plans offer between $300-$750/year coverage for psychology, counselling or therapy appointments.  

Your employees can receive more support by using their benefit coverage with our MHOD+™ EFAP.  

Your Mental Health Coverage Existing Benefit CoverageNumber of Sessions Covered with Traditional In-Office Therapy*Number of Sessions Covered Using Mental Health on Demand
$300/year for psychology/social work/counselling1.36 Sessions3.33 Sessions + One free hour session
$500/year for psychology/social work/counselling2.27 Sessions5.55 Sessions Covered + One free hour session
$750/Year for psychology/social work/counselling3.4 Sessions8.3 Sessions Covered + One free hour session

*Recommended Fee Schedule for Psychologists’ Association of Alberta per 50-minute session

Timber is proud to offer this solution for employers who want to do more to support the mental health of their employees.

Did You Know?

The average annual utilisation of a traditional EFAP program is only between 3-4% of your work  force.

Your Questions, Answered!

How much does it cost?

Timber’s MHOD+™ is $5.00 per month/employee.

Some clients choose to remove their existing traditional EFAP and replace it with Mental Health on Demand, keeping plan costs essentially the same.

Does it replace our existing EFAP?

In many cases, clients choose to replace their existing traditional EFAP with Timber’s MHOD+™ platform. This is due to traditional EFAP’s having low-utilization rates.

Other clients would like to boost mental health support in their plans, so MHOD+™ is an additional benefit they offer.


Is Mental Health on Demand only available to Timber clients?

Yes, at this time Timber is only offering MHOD+™ to existing or new clients.

Who is Timber partnering with to deliver MHOD?

Timber has partnered with Advica Health on the delivery of modern employee benefits for our clients.

In addition to MHOD+™, we also collaborate with Advica on nurse navigation, telemedicine and other proactive healthcare services.

Can employees use their existing paramedical coverage to pay for their therapy?

Yes! Employees can use their existing coverage to cover the cost of their $90/hr therapy sessions.

When are appointments available?

MHOD+™ therapists have appointments available during the evenings, weekends and day times to meet the needs of users.

I would like to sponsor additional $90/sessions for my staff, is this possible?

Yes! We can customize your employee program with additional therapy coverage for just a few dollars a month.

Contact us for a quote.