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Improve the Mental Health of Your Employees With Our Workplace Mental Health and Wellness Benefits.

Employee Benefits Reimagined.

We may not take ourselves too seriously, but we do take our vision very seriously. Why?

Traditional employee benefits have not kept pace with the changing needs of our busy lives. The stress of trying to balance work, family and our own health is taking a toll on our mental and physical well-being.

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Why is Mental Health in the Workplace Important?

The estimated cost of poor mental health in the workplace in Canada is staggering: 

“The annual economic cost in Canada is at least $50 billion. The annual indirect cost related to lost productivity in Canada is $6 billion. The number of workers unable to work due to poor mental health 500,000/week.”


Deloitte Insights, 2019: “The ROI in workplace mental health programs: Good for people, good for business”

Did You Know?

Mental illness is the leading cause of disability claims?

Advantages of Health and Wellness Benefits

  1. Promote a supportive culture
    Help your staff manage stress and reinforce a culture of caring and wellness.
  2. Reduce absenteeism and improve productivity in the workforce.
    A recent study shows that mental illness in the workplace costs Canadian workplaces $6 billion dollars in lost productivity each week.
    Healthy employees are present and more efficient. This is better for business and improves your bottom line.
  3. Attract and retain great talent.
    Use your benefits to stand out as a choice employer.
  4. Use proactive health and wellness tools to manage the overall cost of your benefit program.Timber uses learning tools like lunch and learns and e-newsletters to help your staff stay healthy. Healthier employees will decrease the cost of your core benefits over the long-term.

Introducing Wellness Works Canada and Timber Benefits: A Proud Partnership

We are proud to partner with Wellness Works Canada, the only non-profit association in Canada that supports people and employers in building healthy, high-performing work cultures.

  • Get connected with evidence-informed, tools, resources, and like-minded practitioners.
  • Get empowered with complimentary assessments, tailored recommendations, and ongoing support.
  • Get certified as an employer of choice.

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