Affordable, Essential Group Health Benefits

Proactive Employee Benefits To Help Your Staff Stay Healthy

Most group benefit packages have a mix of different core options, and we’ve sourced some of the best and most cost-effective solutions available to the Canadian market.

Want to think outside the employee benefit box? Consider adding in some health-focused benefits to support your staff’s mental and physical well-being.

Not sure where to start? Let’s have a chat to talk about your business, staff needs and budget. We’ll build a customized benefit plan with lots of options to best your organization.

Core Employee Benefits

Core Employee Benefits

These are tried-and-true employee health benefits that form the basis of most group health plans.

We offer:

  1. Prescription Drug Coverage
    Prescription drug plans provide coverage so employees can have assistance paying for their prescription medicine. Timber has access to virtually every insurance company in Canada, and we constantly monitor our client’s plans to make sure they remain cost effective.
  2. Dental Plans
    Dental benefits help pay for a dental visit once a year. Most plans cover basic care like cleanings, x-rays and scaling but we can also offer enhanced dental plans that cover orthodontics or cosmetics.
  3. Visioncare
    Help employees pay for their eyeglass or contact lenses. Coverage usually includes a once-annual vision exam.
  4. Life and Disability Insurance
    Group insurance plans for life and disability help employees protect their income from an unforeseen event like an accident or illness. This insurance provides your employees with a pay cheque to cover their financial needs in case they become disabled from illness or injury.
  5. Employee Assistance Programs
    EAP’s or Employee Assistance Programs helps employees with extra support when they encounter difficult situations in their personal life. We collaborate with best-in-class EAP providers to help employees with extra assistance when they need it.
  6. Executive Benefits
    All of our benefit options can be tailored and enhanced to complement the compensation package for your managers and c-suite executives.
  7. Travel Health Insurance
    Make sure your employees can enjoy their well-earned vacations with peace-of-mind. We provide comprehensive travel coverage for out-of-country travel.

Want someone to review your existing benefits package to make sure it is both comprehensive AND cost-effective? Contact us for a free benefits review and quote.



FAQ's About Core Employee Benefits

How do I reduce the cost of my employee drug plan?

We always review our client’s plans to make sure they are cost-effective. One way to reduce your drug plan cost is to make sure your plan allows for generic drug substitutions.

Another way to reduce costs is to review drugs currently prescribed to your plan members. Some of these may be covered by government funding. We’ll do a full assessment to make sure your plan is as efficient as possible.

Why do employee benefit costs increase at renewal time?

A number of factors contribute to your benefit plan going up. An aging workforce, the claims experience of your plan, inflation or demographic shifts all can affect your plan cost.

If you are concerned about your benefit costs, get a free review anytime. There are lots of ways we can cut costs and help get your benefits in line with your budget.

What does coordination of benefits mean?

Coordination of benefits work if you have two people in your house  with their own benefits plan.

You submit a claim for a health, dental or vision expense, and whatever is not reimbursed, or left-over can be claimed through your spouse’s plan.

It does mean more paperwork, but you will often receive 100% back of your expenses.