We are kicking off the new year with an exciting update... we will be welcoming our very first Timber-baby in the next few weeks!

MJ, our wonderful Senior Benefits Coordinator and her husband Sam are about to expand their family and we can’t wait to meet their cute little sapling…

This means we have to say “See you later and good luck!” to MJ as she starts her maternity leave on January 16th. While we are going to miss MJ so much, we are excited for her new adventure.

Now you might be wondering… who is going to help me with my claim issue..new employee enrolment..drug card problem, etc, but never fear, we’ve got you!

Mira will continue to answer your service-related questions and coordinate our renewals for this year.

Introducing Kristin Dutka, Associate Benefits Advisor!

Kristin has 12 years of group benefits experience, which is fantastic. But the best part about Kristin is she is a real ‘gem’ and we cannot wait for you to meet her!

She loves building long-term positive relationships with her clients and does this by building trust and working hard.

Check out this 30-second video to learn more about Kristin and find out what her favourite condiment is (hint: it’s all of them).