Modernizing Employee Benefits in Alberta

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Edmonton’s Flexible and Cost-Effective Employee Benefits Provider

Welcome to Timber Benefits! We are your friendly employee benefits provider proudly serving Edmonton and Northern Alberta.

Our goal is to help businesses and organizations create healthy and happier workplaces through their employee benefits plans.

We believe that benefits can be used for good, to support employees with their physical and mental wellbeing.

We're Modernizing Employee Benefits

We feel that the group insurance business is ready for some improvements.

How are we doing this?

  1. Better Products
    We’ve partnered with some forward-thinking companies to offer creative and helpful benefits for employees. These are benefits that support their mental and emotional well-being. Together with their core benefits coverage, employees become better supported and they can access resources to help them stay healthy (not just be for when they get sick).
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  2. Cost Saving Plans
    We use technology to provide clients with some low-cost benefit alternatives, like our Administrative Services Only plans. This alone has saved some clients tens of thousands of dollars in wasted premiums.
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  3. Awesome Service
    We love our clients and work our buns off to make sure they feel supported. Gone are the days of waiting on hold for an insurance company to answer the phone, our responsive team is your go-to for any question you might have.
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We are Happy to Be Edmonton’s Client-Focused Employee Benefits Provider

We are so proud to support our clients in Edmonton and all of Northern Alberta – from Edmonton to Jasper, Bonnyville and everywhere in between.

We work with clients in almost every industry, including the non-profit sector, industrial, construction, food and beverage, travel/tourism, manufacturing and professional services.

We consider ourselves fortunate to partner with all our clients to deliver cost-effective and fully supported benefit plans.

Did You Know?

Timber is a proud sponsor of Edmonton-based, What I Wish I Knew. We sponsored their Mental Health in the Workplace event in the fall of 2019. WIWIK is an incredible non-profit organization that supports young, female-identified professionals looking for practical workplace advice.

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