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Welcome to Timber Benefits!  We are your modern and flexible employee benefits provider in Fernie, Elk Valley and Cranbrook, B.C. 

We provide flexible group benefits support to Fernie, Sparwood, Cranbrook and surrounding communities.

Timber offers creative, flexible and modern benefits to help your staff feel healthy and happy.

Need Employee Benefits?
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Our Services

We create healthy, happy workplaces:

  1. Flexible Employee Benefit Options
    This includes your core coverages, like drug plans, dental and visioncare but we also offer proactive benefits to help your staff stay healthy. Build your own plan to include flexible wellness spending accounts or even a travel savings fund for your staff.
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  2. Modern Group Benefit Packages
    Reinforce a culture of wellness and support your employees mental and physical well-being.
  3. Access to Affordable Telemedicine
    We also offer digital primary healthcare, or telemedicine to make visiting a doctor more convenient for your staff and their families.
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The Need

Fernie has particular challenges when it comes to finding and keeping employees. It’s a small town, with a limited workforce. The biggest issue is finding and keeping the right people.

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Why Timber?

We offer some benefit options that are especially helpful for smaller cities and towns.

  1. Connect your Employees with Digital Healthcare Support
    All the healthcare benefits in the world aren’t going to help your staff if there are no healthcare practitioners available to help them. This is why we developed the Timber Digital Health Providers Network. Your staff and their families can access healthcare from the comfort of their own home. And they can use their benefits coverage to pay for their visits. See our network to see our practitioners and make an appointment.
  1. We Take a Personalized Approach
    We care about all of our clients. Even though our home base is in Edmonton, we visit Fernie at least 3-4 times a year, so you can expect to hear from us all the time. And hopefully in the future, we’ll be calling Fernie our hometown, too.

Why We Love Fernie:

We’ve been coming to Fernie for almost 20 years to enjoy its incredible scenery, mountain bike trails, hiking and skiing. Now we are fortunate to consider a few Fernie folks as close friends and we plan to build our roots in Fernie as much as possible over the coming years.

Fernie is an incredible community of do’ers and entrepreneurs, of folks with a down-to-earth nature and those who love the outdoors.

We are also proud to belong to the Fernie Chamber of Commerce and will do everything we can to support this beautiful community.