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We are Timber Benefits – your friendly employee benefits consultant. We support organizations with modern and flexible employee benefit packages.

Our group benefits work harder to support staff’s mental and physical well-being.

Looking for better ways to help your staff? Want to put your benefits to better use? Need to save costs on your existing benefits plan?

Calgary – we’re here for you!

Our Vision

The employee benefits industry is well overdue for an update.  This is how we’re doing it.

  1. A Clear Vision
    We believe that benefits should be used to keep employees healthy, not just be available when they get sick. Health to us means more than just your physical well-being, it’s your mental health too!
    Why We Started Timber…
  2. Unique Options
    We don’t believe a cookie-cutter approach is helpful to businesses. We’ve got to consider the needs and demographics of your staff.  In addition to our core benefit offering, we’ve got some really interesting options available, like our Employee Travel Savings Plan.
    Learn More About our Health and Wellness Benefits…
  3. Service Beyond Boozy Lunches  
    We believe that good service goes way further than buying our clients a boozy lunch or a round of golf.
    Sure, we show our appreciation to all our clients, but we feel one of the best ways to show them we care is to work hard for them.
    This means we’ll help you navigate the complexities of the insurance world, go to bat for an employee filing a disability claim, or negotiate on your behalf to keep rates in-check.
    How We Work…

A Benefits Consultant Who Will Save You Money  

While we partner with all major insurance companies, we also have alternatives in place for those clients who need the ultimate flexibility in their group benefits package.

Learn more about our Administrative Services Only (ASO) plans, which is like a ‘pay as you go’ model for benefits. You only pay for coverage that is needed and used by employees.

Contact Timber for a benefits audit and recommendations. 

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Expert Benefits Consulting for Calgary Businesses and Non Profits

We are proud to work with a number of leading organizations based in Calgary. We book in-person meetings in Calgary every month, or we’re free anytime on Zoom to meet with our clients.

Did You Know? Our Telemedicine provider is based in Calgary? Wello has 40 years of healthcare experience supporting individuals and families in Alberta. We are proud to partner with them in delivering digital healthcare services to our employee groups.