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Solar Alberta’s Exclusive Health Benefits Plan has arrived!

As a Solar Alberta member, you now have access to:

  • A comprehensive benefit plan for you and your employees
  • Greater benefit options including dental, drug, vision, travel, life and disability insurances, mental health support and much more!

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Why Join the Health Benefits Plan for Solar Alberta?

1. Strength In Numbers!
By joining the Solar Alberta Health Benefits Plan, you now qualify for a better benefit plan than one you could obtain on your own:

  • Access more benefits at lower rates
  • Greater long-term rate stability by being part of a larger ‘pool’

2. Get a Quote and Join Anytime

  • If you have a benefits plan currently, we’ll review your plan and provide a quote to join the Solar Alberta Health Benefits Plan
  • Join anytime throughout the year

3. Your Benefits Will Be Easy to Manage

  • Ongoing training to manage your benefits plan
  • Online administration of your plan
  • Employees can manage claim submission through their phone or computer
  • Direct deposits for claims
  • Direct billing at select healthcare providers
  • Friendly, local support available anytime by our team

Give your employees better benefits and enjoy lower rates and greater rate stability as more Solar Alberta Members join!

Early Bird Perk!

Get a quote before May 31, 2022 to access greater flexibility in your plan options. After June 1, plan designs become more standardized.  

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Who is Delivering the Solar Alberta Health Benefits Plan?

Timber Benefits is an Edmonton-owned and Alberta-based benefits consultant.

Timber creates healthy and happy workplaces through better employee benefits. In addition to traditional plans, Timber provides proactive benefit options to support employees mental and physical well-being.

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